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If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us below. We will post your question and answer it here; we will also email you. We recognize the import service you, our infrastructure professions, provide your communities. Our goal is to help you in anyway we can. 

  • How do I rent a video?
    1. Click on any of the RENT ON DEMAND links. Read throught the liability disclaimer and click on the Agree button at the bottom of the page confirming that you have read and accept the terms. You will then be taken to our rental page. 2. Choose the video you want to rent. 3. Click on the $ sign on the video image. 4. You will need to create a new account to our site the first time you rent a video. Click on Sign up. You can use your Facebook or Google accounts, or enter your email and create a password. Be sure to write down your email and password. You will need to provide them for all future rentals. 5. Once your login is created, you will then be directed to pay via Stripe. Stripe accepts credit cards directly and allows you to save your credit card information with them for future use. We no longer accept PayPal on our site. 6. Once a video has been rented you will be directed back to our site and the video will be available to view for 24 hours. Your time begins once you hit play. You may watch it as many times as you like within that time period.
  • What does the credit card transaction look like on my statement?
    For Credit Card Payments: Big Ben Parliament Creations Inc., Waterworks Training or WTraining *Big Ben Parliament Creations Inc., - bbpcreation is our parent company
  • Can these videos be used for continuing education credits/units (CEU's)?
    No. Each state has a process for which training programs are approved for CEU's. While we do offer contact hours in the state of California for our DVD training, these online videos are NOT approved in any state for CEU's at this point in time. *If your state would like to utilize our tests and these videos, please have them contact us as we have had states approve us in the past for CEU's for home based training using our DVDs and our worksheets/tests.
  • I have DVD's of these same videos along with worksheets and tests. Can I still get CEU's or contact hours in my state?
    Yes, if you live in California we are still approved for contact hours. *Nevada, Arizona and Oregon were also all previously approved for contact hours or CEU's with our testing and DVD series. As we haven't processed any tests in those specific states within the last 10 years, you would need to contact NV, AZ and OR directly to find out if we are still approved for contact hours should you own our tests and DVD training.
  • Have the manufacturer's seen your training series?
    Yes, in fact all of the manufacturer's products that we show in our videos have been viewed and confirmed accurate by those companies. We also have approval to use their company names and registered trademarks.
  • Who typically watches these training videos?
    People who watch our videos are water and sewer operators, new hires that work in the field or in the yard, for a distributor, inspectors, engineers, long-time laborers, waterworks industry professionals and staff and anyone that needs a better understanding of the parts, how they are used in the field and proper installation procedures.
  • I own a company and have multiple people who need this training. Can they all watch at one time?
    Yes. Anyone at your company can watch the same rented video within the 24 hour viewing period. We encourage you to use our videos for in-house training purposes for your employees and for anyone training in the industry. These were designed to accompany trainers in the field and in classroom settings. Ideally, the parts and tools would be on hand for your students to practice on.
  • Do I need to create a login to watch the videos?
    You do not need to create a login for watching any of the Free videos. You will need to create a login to watch any rented videos. All you need is an accessible email address and a password. You can also use your Facebook or Google login to gain access to our site. Whichever way you choose, write down your email address and login for future visits back to our site. *We are not affiliated with Facebook or Google. We promise that we will keep your login credentials safe and value your privacy should you create a password through our site. Your email will not be given or sold to any third party and is only accessible to our company. If you login with Facebook or Google, you are adhering to their privacy policies and would need to refer to their websites to find out what they can and cannot do with your email and privacy settings.
  • What do you do with my email address after I create a login?
    After you login to our site, we keep your email safe and will not give nor sell it to any third party company. If we release a new training video or have a special on training, we may email you, but as we know what it is like to receive spam and continued hounding from solicitiors, you may see an email from us once a year, if you are lucky!


Is there something we forgot and can answer for you? Drop us a line and we will respond within 24 hours if not sooner as we are online working pretty much all of the time!

Thanks! Message sent.

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