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We offer 45 water and sewer training installation videos to rent at your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can be viewed on the computer or any smart device. Each rental gives you access to view a single lesson as many times as you would like for up to 24 hours.

Additional Videos NOT included

        A few videos will direct you to review a specific video lesson by clicking on the "water drop" at the bottom of the screen. This was a feature available on DVDs, as originally published. Online publishing does not provide that option and we wanted to keep these videos at a reasonable length and at an affordable cost. The additional video lessons are listed below and can be rented separately. Within a video description you may see a note regarding "This video does not include..." and it is suggested that you watch the referenced video prior to the one you intend to view. This is only a suggestion as you may have already watched that video or have had that training.

Optimal video viewing is at 1280 x 1080 so that lessons can be clearly viewed on all smart devices, and function properly on standard video monitors and computer screens.

A full 3D animated review is included as a bonus at the end of the installation videos. 

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