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These Training Videos are for general informational purposes only. They are not intended to replace the guidance and supervision of a trained instructor, not are they meant to supersede the manufacturer's instructions. All videos have been based on information gathered from the AWWA, DIPRA, PVC Pipe Association and the product manufacturers. The publishers, authors, owners, and sponsors of these videos, assume no responsibility with respect to any material, video, or written element, including examples, instructions, techniques or uses, contained in these videos. Any use of these videos is at your own risk.  By viewing, you release the publishers, authors, owners, and sponsors of these videos from all liability arising out of your use whether such liability is based in contract or tort.

We recommend optimal viewing at 1280 x 1080.

We recommend viewing the "Safety in the Waterworks Industry" video first as safety is always of the utmost concern for all working on a job site.

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